Fast-paced and changing environment of Real Estate represent challenges to Real Estate investors, developers and owners. However, new and emerging trends provide exciting opportunities to maximize yield and diversify your real estate investment.

Thalassa C&G broad knowledge and expertise of real estate and related industries ensures our clients have enhanced value of their investments. In this process we provide our clients with tools and insights necessary to make informed and strategic decision about real estate. We support our clients with management and property management solutions across different property types and ensure optimized operation process, reduced costs and risk inline with your long term real estate investment expectations.

In Thalassa C&G we believe in long lasting and sustainable relationship hence we accompany our clients from day one, through purchase of real estate and transaction processes. We find investment solutions in accordance to your investment objectives. We support our clients by initiating, negotiating and holding complex sales process. Using static and dynamic methods we assist our clients for potential improvements of the property exterior and interior, develop new projects and finally propose variety Yield solutions from short term and vacation rental management to sales decisions. Our goal is to tailor the best solution for each particular individual, company and situation.

We Are Thalassa C&G

Real Estate Investment opportunities, consulting and management services for sustainable growth with risk minimization.