New and creative Real Estate solutions

We combine expertise and experiences from different industries to bring unique and sustainable real estate investment solutions. Join us today and explore new opportunities, the Future is in your power!

Existing Properties

We provide Owners and Investors with existing properties with a wide range of solutions for new yielding solutions and portfolio optimization. We combine a wide range of knowledge and expertise from previous projects and our experiences of different industries to help you improve your property performances!

Property Management, Marketing & Yielding Solutions

Explore new opportunities with our innovative yielding solution which combine contemporary marketing strategies and advances property management solutions.

Asset & Portfolio Analysis and Optimization

Optimize your portfolio with new real estate solutions and explore new opportunities to maximize your Return on Assets.

Facility Management Consulting

Combining our experience from different industries and branches we deliver effective and efficient solutions for your existing properties.

New and Upcoming Projects

Whether you are an experienced investor, or you are facing first Real Estate Investment decision we guide you and help you make educated choices which incorporate different aspects from real estate planning to project management. Let our team be one stop for all your investment needs!

Real Estate Investment Consulting

Always changing and exciting investment environment provides opportunities for new investment solutions. Explore the dynamic world of Real Estates with our team!

General Project Management

We help you achieve your most audacious goals! We follow you and your project from day one, from initiation until execution!

Logistical Planning

Together we make your project efficient and effective making sure that each aspect of the project is in line with your aim!

Project Preparation

Planning is the crucial step in any Real Estate investment. Let us help you to find a solution for each level from the beginning until the end!  “If you don’t plan, you plan for failure” (Benjamin Franklin).

General Technical planning and solutions

We incorporate long lasting technical solutions which ensure sustainability and durability of your project taking into consideration different stakeholders!

Financial and Other Services

In the end, financial implications are determinant of either you should keep the project or look for new opportunities. We believe that educated decision about economic aspects is vital for any successful project. Analyzing vast amount of data and future socio-economic and political implications we are providing you with financial insights and tools necessary to achieve your most audacious goals!

Property Optimization & Feasibility Studies

Changing perspective, environmental requirements and new energy saving solutions provide new opportunities to optimize your properties for future challenges. Our team together with architects and engineers examine the feasibility and return on the investment for property optimization as well as other implications related to the change and which along helps your best decision.

Sustainability Consulting

In Thalassa, we believe that resources are scarce; therefore we provide you with efficient and self-sufficient solutions which take into consideration environmental impact, but as well impact on your overall expenses.

Sensitivity Analysis

In changing and ambiguous market’s of today it is essential to understand different variables that shape the market, and that can have an impact on your returns. We help you predict and protect against different forces that can impact life cycle and return on your investment.

Feasibility Studies

We gather a vast amount of data on the latest market trends, project characteristics and impact of infrastructural and location factors. Combining it with a strong understanding of maintenance and operational planning we conduct valuation and financial analysis of the property to help you make a final decision.


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