Real estate products face increasing cost pressure and shortage of properties supplies, Thalassa thus aims at optimizing the yield of your assets taking in consideration various aspects and specificity of your real estate properties. We aim at building long-lasting solutions that will meet investors immediate requirement and future market expectations.

Together with partners we analyze properties using holistic approach and taking smallest details in consideration from the facade elements to the employment of technology in real estate solutions. Thalassa provide support from experienced architects and engineers to improve the use of space, energy and operational efficiency while taking into consideration external influences (building codes and regulations and other legal matters) In this process we consider importance of biomimicry and modern design in creating long term sustainable real estate investments.

Bearing in mind those elements we establish different scenarios and include their investment costs, operating costs, logistics, and schedule implementation in order to find the best execution plans, while taking in consideration existing property operations. Knowing that there is no “one size fit all” solution we take individual risk aversion and combining it with execution process and variety of financing solutions (borrowed or own funds, lease or sale etc.) our team delivers you understandable and user friendly feasibility studies for transparent decision making.

To make sure that your goals are met, we plan activities to the smallest detail to ensure successful realization of the project. Following execution Thalassa C&G together with external partners guides you towards the best exit strategy, respecting your initial and current yield expectations.

We Are Thalassa C&G

Real Estate Investment opportunities, consulting and management services for sustainable growth with risk minimization.