In today’s dynamic and constantly changing business environment time is the scarcest resource. To help you invest your time on what really matters, Thalassa’s property management division makes sure that administrative and maintenance task of your properties are well managed. Understanding that each individual has different needs, we tailor our solutions to each particular owner.

Recognizing your intentions and plans with property our management will develop personalized solutions to help you achieve your plans and maximize the potential of your property and portfolio. In Thalassa, we believe that property management is based on trust, therefore we provide transparent solutions and reporting, which allows owners to always be sure that property is maintained at the highest standards.


Our extensive expertise in hospitality and property management industry, as well as trained and experienced staff, ensures that your property is maintained at a level of five star-hotel. No matter if your property is in long term lease, vacant or in short term market, we make sure that standards are always met.

Together with property management, our brand WalQinn services clients in short term and vacation rental markets, as well as in long term rentals. Weather you want to maximize potential of your property through short term renting or find good tenant we will make sure that your property has a right exposure. Our wide network of partners in tourism, hospitality corporate world ensures worldwide presence and wide range of opportunities for maximizing utility of your property. Learn more about WalQinn.

Along with our IT partners we work on creating sustainable and profitable yielding solutions for your properties. To understand full potential of your property it is important to have a full market picture and understand all opportunities. Our yielding solutions include data from different real estate markets, tourism market and other macroeconomic factors which can impact your yield and long term return of investment.

We Are Thalassa C&G

Real Estate Investment opportunities, consulting and management services for sustainable growth with risk minimization.