Understanding your target in your investment

Fundamental decision at the initiation of a project can have negative impact on your business in the long run, understanding your target allows us to tailor a solution that will suit your needs now and in the future. Understanding the corp and guideline of your project in order to plan and budget accurately, to recruit a team for your operations and creating and implementing operation systems or energy management systems.

In order to minimize risks at early stage of investment budgeting is crucial to realistically plan. Analysing market price of materials, labour and construction costs as well as other factors and administrational cost which can impact total investment. Besides total cost, we believe that our clients should have holistic view including, cash flow projections necessary for effective project and construction planning.

Finally markets today offer plenty of financing opportunities and solutions. As we believe that art of success is to adapt to changes, we help our clients to understand full risks and potentials of different financing solutions and their impact on the project.

Planning each step with care is crucial to be able to meet deadline and ensure a controlled investment procedure. From the conceptualization of your product to the construction of the building Thalassa’s expert evaluate the time and cost component of each step allowing a constant progression of the project and more accurate projections of returns.


The key to any successful project is attraction, recruitment and maintenance of the talent. With strong network of local and international partners, we ensure that our clients are taken care of from the beginning until the end of the construction. We bring expertise and cooperate with local partners for all relevant parties on the project. Let us help you with all administration, architecture, safety coordination, project management and legal issues.

The conceptualization of your building need to include understanding the urban planning of the chosen location, suit market needs and understanding your abilities to construct at a certain location (materials, labour quality). This initiation phase is crucial as it is difficult to adjust this part of the project in later stages. Thalassa’s architects work hand in hand with local architects in order to respect urban legislations and bring a spark of modernity and space optimization from their experience and passion in the field. Our team aim at maximizing the space use while respecting the soul of each investment and will ensure investor to extend the life of their assets

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