We believe that to make best decisions you should have all necessary information and appropriate development schemes. Our feasibility studies help clients to strategies and possible alternatives to maximize return of your investment. We gather and analyze vast data about project characteristics, social-economic overviews and location and site overviews in desired area of development, everything  in collaboration with strong and relevant local partners.

We assist our clients with concept design following latest trends in markets and include information about market itself, potential clients and tenants profiles as well as maintenance and operation planning relevant to the project which can impact on total returns. Based on the adopted solutions and your wants, we conduct financial analysis and valuation, providing you with exhaustive suggestions based on risk and potential of the project.

Background introduction,

Overview of the project,

Socio-economic overview of the area,

Site and location analysis,

Market assessment:

  • Potential customers profile analysis
  • Accessibility to the market
  • Competition analysis
  • Market growth

Operations Planning,

Financial Analysis:

  • Profits and Loss Projection
  • Start up Cost
  • Available Capital
We Are Thalassa C&G

Real Estate Investment opportunities, consulting and management services for sustainable growth with risk minimization.