Real estate can be capital intensive and from investment perspective, it is not enough to own or manage portfolio. Optimum performance comes from the well-thought strategy. We can assist you in this context through entire property cycle. Owners and real estate developers today face variety of problems. From declining rental income to the changing trends with emerge of the short and mid-term rental trends. Failing to follow such trends can result in declining income and lost opportunity to maximize your real estate yield.

In addition to the profitability Thalassa aim at adopting economically, environmentally, and practically sustainable solutions. In dynamic and complex environment we believe that professional strategies should be tailored to the individual needs for the particular portfolio. Thalassa team and our network of external partners will help you find optimal solution while considering all stakeholders and help you to adapt to the changing trends no matter if you want to improve initial solution or restructure your real estate investment approach.

We Are Thalassa C&G

Real Estate Investment opportunities, consulting and management services for sustainable growth with risk minimization.