No matter, whether you are looking for Real Estate Investment opportunities or consulting and management services, with Thalassa C&G, we aim at achieving sustainable growth while minimizing risk in both established and emerging markets.

At Thalassa C&G we are committed to build new and creative solutions which help us and our clients to respond to dynamic and always changing world today. Every day, each one of us makes choices and decisions that directly impact various stakeholders, in Thalassa we are working closely with our clients to develop a customized viable strategies, which will serve both short term, but as well make sustainable long-term results.

Being young company our aim is to shape and disrupt a future of well established Real Estate and Tourism industry. We strongly believe in innovation and usage of technology to create added value for company, clients and society. Our team consists of professionals from different educational, cultural and professional backgrounds. We strongly encourage interdisciplinary work and collaboration which create new and creative solutions and new ways of doing things.

While our main expertise remains WalQinn, a branch of the company which focuses on short-term and vacation rentals market. We are present in various spheres of Real Estate Consulting. Thalassa C&G services their clients with Asset & Portfolio Analysis and Optimization, Property optimization, Feasibility studies, Sensitivity analysis, Real Estate investment consulting and Project Management.


Sofia, Bulgaria
Zagreb, Croatia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brussels, Belgium

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