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Thalassa C&G offers exceptional investment, consulting and management services.

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Our WalQinn Brand

WalQinn provides real estate owners, investors, and developers with an end-to-end solution for high yields and maximum utilization of the property. WalQinn offers you exposure to an extensive network of vetted business clients and exposure to the global tourism market.

Being young company our aim is to shape and disrupt a future of well established Real Estate and Tourism industry. We strongly believe in innovation and usage of technology to create added value for company, clients and society.

Full Property Management services - we take care of everything for you! Our comprehensive short-term rental property management services give you a hassle-free way to put your real estate in use and maximize the income.
Personalized solutions

In today’s changing markets, each project needs special attention and unique solutions. In Thalassa we promise our clients personalized solutions that help you make your goals come true.

Advanced technology

No matter the size and scope of the project, we believe that carefully selected and applied technical solutions can bring tangible and intangible improvements to clients and drive internal efficiency. In Thalassa our goal is to create our clients technological solutions that are easy to implement and follow the development.

Long term success

In fast paced environment we believe it is important to think both short and long term. Thalassa’s team works hard on finding solutions that will last while considering their impact on immediate results and various stakeholders.

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No matter, whether you are looking for Real Estate Investment opportunities or consulting and management services, with Thalassa C&G, we aim at achieving sustainable growth while minimizing risk in both established and emerging markets.

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